Success Stories

Professional and dependable

“Since 1989 I have used Riccione Resources several times to find jobs. During that time I also had the opportunity to use them when I was in the position of hiring developers. They work very hard in trying to match the person and the job. They are very dependable. Their low-key approach is refreshing to the typical ‘used car salesman’ mentality of many recruiters.

But I think one of his greatest strengths is integrity. They are very careful not to get involved in a conflict of interest. If they’re representing a company to find developers, they will make sure they don’t represent an employee of that company.”

Scott, Sr. Software Engineer, Telecommunications

Personable and trustworthy

Personable and trustworthy

“I’ve worked with Riccione Resources for about 15 years (wow, how time flies!) in the technology industry. Whenever I start thinking about looking for a new job, I consult with Riccione Resources. They know the business better than other technology recruiters. Through the years they had been instrumental in helping me get a couple of jobs and many interviews. They’re personable, trustworthy, and look for a long-term value for both the employer and candidate, not just a quick turnaround. I highly recommend Riccione Resources to anybody looking for a job or looking for a technology candidate to hire.”

Scott, Sr. Software Engineer

Candidate then client

“I first worked with Riccione Resources when I was looking for opportunities in the investment industry, and he worked with me over a nine-month period to secure a position that fit me just right. Since then I have had a chance to interview several candidates they presented to our firm, and they do an excellent job of finding good matches based on what we need. They listen well, present only the good candidates that fit the position, and he never tries to ‘force the sale’ as many recruiters tend to do. I recommend Riccione Resources highly if you believe the people you hire are the primary drivers of your business’ success.”

John, Manager of Software Quality Assurance, Financial Investment Firm

New job matched experience and career path

New job matched experience and career path

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the job searching experience with you. The placement you have gotten me exactly matches my experience and career path. The group of people that I work with is dynamic and fun; far exceeded my expectation. Thanks again for your effort.”

Joe, Sr. SQL Server DBA, Software Company

Great position with a great company

“When I was laid off from my previous position, technical jobs were difficult to obtain. Riccione Resources worked diligently with me, called me almost every day, and landed me a position with a great company. Not just a dead-end job to make ends meet, but a position with room for growth and salary increases.

Since then, the original company was bought out by a much larger firm and my salary has increased by approximately 30%. I now have much better benefits and an almost infinite room for advancement. I highly recommend Riccione Resources for anyone who is looking for a job – they will work very hard to get you the position that fits you best.”

Michael, Sr. Software Engineer & Software Configuration, Software Company

Going the extra mile

“Riccione Resources does a great job of understanding the requirements in a position recruiting for and goes the extra mile in making sure that potential hires fit the company and vice verse.”

Michael, Sr. Software Engineer, Visual Systems Company

Role with positive growth

Role with positive growth

“Thank you so much for your humble diligence in my job search. You have found the perfect job based on the criteria I supplied you. However, the role was far better than I could have ever imagined. I know my new role will provide so many opportunities for positive growth. For the first time in my life, I feel like all of my talents are going to have the chance to be showcased appropriately.

I was most impressed with your availability before and after interviews and throughout the entire process. Without your continued leadership and coaching, I don’t think I could have been as successful in my venture to the new company. Thank you for your perseverance and dedication. You have far exceeded any expectations I had and you have outperformed all other previous firms that I’d worked with! I’m appreciative of your can-do attitude.

I will most definitely recommend you to any and all of my peers in search of new employment.”

Bianca, Sr. Information Developer, Financial Investment Firm

Integrity and diligence

Integrity and diligence

“I have worked with many technical recruiters over the years; however, Riccione Resources is far and away the best recruiter I have ever worked with. Their process centers on integrity to try and find the best fit for both the company and the candidate. In addition, they’re very diligent about following up with both the candidate and the employer to see if things are going well even after the placement. This is in stark contrast to most other recruiters that I’ve used who only call when things are slow, and who will happily submit candidates to positions that are a complete mismatch with their respective skill sets or other stipulations. Their demeanor is that of a very respectable business professional, and I would gladly work with them again and recommend them, without reservation, to anyone needing technical recruitment services.”

Peter, Sr. Software Engineer, Process Control Firm

Found a great opportunity

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Riccione Resources in pursuing a great opportunity in my career. They were very down to earth and easy to talk to. They’re very professional and it’s clear when talking to them that they want what is best for both the individual as well as the company looking to recruit. I received regular updates on progress of each stage of the recruiting process and they showed genuine interest in my feedback and in what was right for me and my goals. I also received helpful tips and advice when going for interviews and throughout the entire process always felt they were supporting me and doing their best to ensure everything went smooth. I would highly recommend their services to individuals and companies looking to strengthen their careers and companies.”

Rue, Director of Delivery and Support, Telecom Software Firm