First, we find out

Before we begin recruiting quality candidates for your openings, we talk to you first about what you are looking for. We have done this long enough to know we can’t assume your needs. And, yes, we ask a lot of questions about technical skills, culture, and personality fit, and about your company, because it’s the best way for us to get a good understanding about your openings.

Next, we recruit

We search for candidates in a variety of ways. We aren’t Web farmers, so we don’t rely on the Internet as our sole source for candidates. You need real recruiters to find good candidates. We:

  • Tap into our mature database of software talent.
  • Cold call, which is recruiting in its purest form.
  • Get the word out about your opportunity without giving away the name of your company.
  • Tap into our relationships in the industry for finding quality candidates.

Then, we screen

We don’t send out any resumes, unless we have talked to the candidates first. It’s important that we find out if they have the right stuff for your position, so don’t expect a bunch of resumes from us. We look for quality and not quantity.

We don’t just stop after we submit a candidate

If you are interested in one of our candidates, we continue communicating with you and the candidate throughout the interview process. Our goal is simple: to create a win-win situation between the candidate and your company.