Focuses on finding the right fit

“Riccione Resources listens to our needs, gives a refined candidate selection, and focuses on minimizing our time to find a great fit. Riccione Resources has continually provided superb candidates for our resource needs.”

Focuses on finding the right fit Paul, Director of Software Development, Medical Software Firm

Find the best candidates

“I have always found Riccione Resources to be one of the very best recruiters in the field. They listen carefully to specifications, and then add their experience to read between the lines to provide only the very best candidates. Their follow-up and professionalism commends them as one of the very best!”

Mike, Manager of Software Development, Audio Visual Firm

Initiative, integrity, and follow-through

“You can’t build and maintain a successful career placement business like Riccione Resources has if you don’t consistently demonstrate initiative, integrity, and follow-through. I am really glad to have worked with Riccione Resources for over 10 years. I know you can count on them to use his well-established network to find quality people.”

Initiative, integrity, and follow-through Rick, VP Software, Mobile Software Firm

Delivered results

“I had heard of Riccione Resources long before I actually used them. Colleagues and managers used their services often, and the results were always outstanding. That’s why they were brought in for recruiting during a period of extreme growth for us. They quickly provided top software IT talent that completed key projects and initiatives and that grew into leadership positions in our company. I highly recommend Riccione Resources to companies and individuals that are looking for an excellent recruiter that delivers results.”

Larry, Director of Software Development, Software Firm

Made recruiting process easier

“Riccione Resources was able to locate and recruit some very difficult skill sets in the medical/technology area. Not only were they able to locate multiple resources, they helped sell our company as an attractive career destination, which made the recruiting process easier.”

Dave, COO, Medical Hardware Software Firm

Great candidates for openings

“I have worked with Riccione Resources on several occasions and have found them to be responsive, knowledgeable, and right on target with candidates. They present candidates that fit our requirements rather than throwing resumes at us. They also maintain a very high level of integrity, a trait I value greatly. I highly recommend them.”

Dean, VP Operations, Hardware/Software Firm

High-probability candidates submitted are interviewed

“Of the many recruiters I’ve worked with in 20 or so years, Riccione Resources ranks in the top 5%. I know that when I see a resume from them that there’s a high probability I’m going to want to interview the candidate. Of the candidates I’ve interviewed that they referred to me, offers have been made to more than half. They are much more diligent and rapid about honing their search than the typical recruiter you’ll find. They never wasted a single minute of my time either in optimizing their search parameters, or in sending me resumes to review. You can tell from the very start that their attitude is not about meeting a placement quota, it’s about filling your open positions with the right people. They also adapt their style to the process I want to follow to make the recruiting exercise most efficient for me. A first-class operation from every angle.”

High-probability candidates submitted are interviewed Mike, VP of Software Development, Medical Software & Quality Assurance, Product Development Firm

Deep understanding of our needs

“Riccione Resources is providing an excellent service to recruit the best talent for our software development team. Their team takes a deep effort to understand the need for each position, pre-screens the candidates very effectively. A great help for any technology- and growth-oriented company where the right people can make all the difference!”

I. Hasan, CTO, Energy Startup Firm

Find highly qualified candidates

“Riccione Resources has consistently found highly qualified candidates for our organization. The screening process is very thorough resulting in an exceptional candidate pool. We have made several hires over the last couple of years, which have worked out very well for us. As our organization grows, we will continue to rely on Riccione Resources to find the top technical candidates for our team.”

Frank, Director of Software Development, Energy Startup Firm

Focus on quality of candidates and not quantity

“Riccione Resources has done an excellent job of finding key talent with out-of-the-box skills while simultaneously screening applicants to avoid overwhelming my team with unqualified volume. This has led to a very efficient staffing experience as well as a strong core team for our ramping startup.”

Todd, VP Operations, Energy Startup Firm

Plugged into the technical talent pool

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Riccione Resources over the past 12 years in recruiting hardware and software development engineers, sales engineers, and customer support engineers to fill critical positions at two companies. Their team understands the importance of screening and filtering the slate of candidates so that time is not wasted in interviewing unqualified talent. They are very plugged into the technical talent pool in the North Texas area and consistently find highly qualified candidates. I can, without reservation, highly recommend Riccione Resources.”

Ken, VP Operations, Telecom Software Firm