Director of Software Engineering, Hands On, Python, SaaS, Startup with Successful Executives

Lead, manage and “hands-on” development over a team of 6 building new disruptive technology.  Opportunity to be very impactful in the success of this firm.

Why should I work here?

  • High energy executive team with startup success (Growth and IPO
  • Key industry hires and strategic partners in place
  • Hunger for product ownership and an entrepreneurial spirited culture
  • Development of new disruptive technology
  • Strong desire to build something from the ground floor
  • Tier 1 VC investors and significant sector growth
  • Access to a venture capital ecosystem that provides sustainability for the software industry

What are the major role & responsibilities?

  • Oversee 3 Software Engineer + hiring 3 more
  • Make major software development decisions
  • Manage and motivate engineers, help with prioritization, hit product milestones
  • Code and contribute to software engineering goals
  • Help grow and scale a best-in-class team, build development culture
  • Bridge product and business vision with technical execution

What skills/experiences do I need to be considered?

  • Experience working with executives and making software development decisions
  • Leading and managing a software engineering staff
  • Current in developing software, Python or other open source technology
  • Distributed Systems Ability to translate requirements to design
  • Success in bringing a product or service to market
  • B.S. CS or related degree or successful experience

Any of the following will make my résumé stand out?

  • Experience with a startup
  • Experience with SaaS
  • AWS
  • Data Engineering

Salary:  140k – 175k + Stock Options

Location:  Dallas, TX

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